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Mivi is a premium mobile accessories company in India. They wanted a premium online experience for their customers.

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Mivi is a young company that designs & builds high-quality mobile accessories for the Indian market.

When they approached us, they were a rapidly growing company having gotten to the #1 position in several categories on Amazon. But they were not satisfied with just being a reseller on Amazon – instead they wanted to develop a brand presesnce for themselves on the web for their company and for their products.

In addition, they wanted their own e-commerce platform where they could control the whole user-experience, as well as provide custom specialized functionality, and a customer service portal.

The Goal

The primary goal of this website was to present Mivi as a premium brand for the Indian market. This meant that the website would play multiple roles – a showcase for their products, a support platform for their current customers, and an e-commerce platform to give them independance from Amazon.

Since Mivi was primarliy developing premium accessories for mobile devices, the majority of their customers would visit them from mobile. This meant that they website would need to be fast & performant on mobile. In addition, all features – including product customization – needed to be available and optimized for mobile devices.


Since mobile user experiece was of utmost importance, we started out by designing and optimzing the mobile user experience. Over several weeks, our design team worked with them in desining the entire store & customer service portal. Each part of the site was optimized for mobile and was designed to work with the wide variety of screen sizes that our customers would utilize.

E-commerce platform

For the store, we decided to build the site on an open-source e-commerce platform: Spree Commerce - Spree provided the bulk of the shopping functionality that we needed for the store, product & order management.

The user-facing store was built from scratch, integrating with the Spree for the e-commerce functionality. We built a custom CMS that integrated with Spree on the backend to enable Mivi’s team to completely customize the home page, marketing pages & product pages.

Customizable products

Mivi started a new product line – custom cases. Customers could choose from a variety of custom designs, and upload their own designs, add stickers & text and order a case that was made especially for them.

Mivi’s competitors offer similar custom case builders, but in our testing we discovered that they aren’t very polished, and none of them work on the mobile. It didn’t make sense to that a customer can’t order a case for their smart phone directly from their smartphone.

We did a lot of research into tools and options and then built the entire custom case section with a focus on fluid workflow and fast performance.

After selecting the model of the phone, a customer can select different design patterns to start from. Following that, they can choose the color of the case, add their own images, text and stickers to make it their own.

All of this works fluidly even on a mid-range Android phone. And when the user is satisfied with the design, we generate a high resolution version of the final design and uploads it to Mivi for printing.

In addition, these templates can be designed in a custom section of backend which includes uploading base images, specifying image place holders, prefilled text etc.

Customer Support

Mivi’s founders also wanted to ensure that their customers were provided the best after-sales service possible. To make this possible, we designed and built a customer service portal using Zendesk to provide information as well as enable users to get in touch in case they had any problems. In addition, we integrated a chat service, so that customers could get immediate help when they needed it.

Mivi support
Mivi's support pages built on Zendesk.

Continuous improvement & Maintenance

When the design was complete and the site was launched, our relationship with Mivi did not end. Instead we continue to work with them every month, to make improvements to the design, to improve and add new functionality to the site, and to maintain it for security and performance.

When we launched the site, we had a average of around 10 orders a day on the site. Now, 3 years later, we routinely handle over 10,000 orders in a single day. To be able to handle increased scale, we have had to redesign the order management system, as well as make numerous performance improvements along the way. At the same time, we have continued to polish and improve the design along with the Mivi team.

We have really enjoyed working with Viswanadh & Midhula – Mivi’s founders and leaders – and they have continuously pushed us to deliver the best work that we can.

We have really enjoyed working with Mivi’s founders & leaders – Viswanadh & Midhula. And we have enjoyed being a part of their journey as they and their company has grown in leaps and bounds. It is a great experience to not just build something but to watch it grow and improve over the years – we are proud to have been a part of this.