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An exclusive and safe travel club for women

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The Women On Wanderlust or the WOW Club is a curator of travel experiences around the world, exclusively aimed at women.

The Brief

WOW Club offers carefully curated packages for group travel that is completely safe, reliable and hassle-free.

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They wanted a website that reflected these brand values and could cater to their varied audience for domestic and international travel. It was important to them to ensure each customer felt taken care of and that their individual journey be personalised right from the first interaction.


Our focus was to build a personal connection that results in happy and loyal customers.

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We made the experience as personalised as possible — from the first contact to booking a trip and travelling, all the way through to the post-travel experience. As soon as a new customer visits the site and reaches out for trip details, they are assigned a buddy. Their buddy remains connected to them throughout, guiding them through the process.

Though they had a design in mind, they wanted a customised and comprehensive backend. We worked on the development and implemented their new website. The new design was modern and dynamic and supported a high degree of personalisation. They wanted to ensure they could serve both domestic and international markets.

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With customer support, customisation and expandability in mind, we designed an in-depth and user-friendly dashboard and backend. It was imperative customers had all the trip information they need at their fingertips. The trip details page includes any and all information pertinent to the trip and location.

Each package includes details on weather, tips on packing for the country/city, FAQs, payment options, contact information of the trip buddy, and even a field for a customer to make special requests.

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This strong emphasis on highly personalised customer service is one of the defining features of the platform and WOW Club as a service. Their website is not only a point of sales but also a gateway to a personal relationship.

The buddy accompanies the group, helping with currency conversions, purchasing tickets for special events to make the entire experience more fun and free of stress. The aim was to make the whole experience with WOW Club memorable for the customer, long after the trip has ended.

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We took special care while creating the dashboards whether it be for the customers, the WOW buddies or the content management team. The WOW buddies are able to manage enquiries and bookings related to the trip. They also use the dashboard to plan a trip out once it has been booked.

The extensive backend has an accounting management system to manage payments made using credit cards, wire transfers & cheques while taking into account bigger payments. We also incorporated flexible instalment payment options.

A special and comprehensive customer service portal was built where every customer interchange is chronicled/maintained to improve the relationship and save time. It allows every interaction to build on the previous one, offering superior customer support.

WOW Club offers an atypical e-commerce experience. Part of this is by virtue of the design and the other part of it is the backend functionality we needed to build to enable this.

Project highlights

  • cash An extensive account management system that supports all modes of payments, both big and small.
  • customer support A customer service portal for the sales and support team, tailored to track all customer interactions.
  • compass south A buddy dashboard to plan and manage travel and keep in touch with customers before, during and after the trip.
  • traveler A custom content management system that allows the WOW Club team to add diverse & detailed information for each trip/location.

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