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AasaanWill is an easy to use will creation platform that was launched for the Indian market. AssaanWill aims to ease the process of will creation through their platform, which fits all your will writing needs. Aasaanwill encourages seamless will creation for individuals of all age groups, including seniors and middle-aged parents to create wills effortlessly.

The Brief

AasaanWill approached us with a vision to create a platform that simplifies the often daunting task of writing a will. We understood the importance of making this process not only accessible but also secure and user-friendly. We made AasaanWill easy to understand, ensuring visitors grasp its purpose and benefits. Our platform is comprehensive, simple, and secure, seamlessly meeting clients' needs. Users answer simple questions to draft their wills, addressing the challenge of implementing ease of use in a comprehensive application effectively.

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The Strategy

Our platform captures and generates entire wills based on user inputs, ensuring legal recognition and adherence to structured formats. This is a complex process that involves many steps from selecting assets, to liabilities, to opting beneficiaries or guardians, and distribution of assets. AasaanWill covers a broad spectrum of assets and liabilities— approximately 25 types in total. Our goal was to build a simple and understandable user interface to deal with this complexity.

Each step of will creation is important and requires active user input in each stage. So designing a user-friendly interface that kept the user engaged and consistently moving forward was also our key focus while creating this platform.

We broke down the will creation process into manageable steps, providing guided videos along the way, and saved customers' progress at each stage, ensuring they could pick up right where they left off. Moreover, we prioritized security by encrypting all sensitive user data stored in our database to guarantee top-tier protection.

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Using AasaanWill, users can easily generate a draft of their will, but the process does not end there. A legal advisor/lawyer always reviews the will created by the customer to make sure it adheres to all legal formalities. But a popular platform like Aasaanwill will be used by thousands of clients everyday. To enable this we developed a comprehensive Legal Dashboard providing an overview and easy management of customers' wills while providing insights into their progress, payment status and more.

Lawyers also need to spend a significant amount of time editing and updating the will,  and this is a demanding task requiring meticulous attention to detail.  To simplify the Lawyers’ work, we built a system that automatically generated a will that adhered to a legally acceptable structure and presented this to the lawyer.

We also implemented a streamlined real time preview , which empowers lawyers to seamlessly preview the entire document while making edits, thereby significantly enhancing the efficiency of the editing process. Consequently, this integrated feature not only saves valuable time but also elevates overall efficiency and accuracy of the will.

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The End Product

Through AasaanWill our team has successfully addressed the challenge of simplifying will creation through its innovative online platform. By combining technology with legal expertise, we have made it super convenient for anyone to create a will. AasaanWill's easy-to-use platform, customizable plans, and expert advice have made it the top pick for folks looking for a simple and trustworthy way to make a will.

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Project Highlights

  • Easy to Use

    We have designed the interface in such a way that it is comprehensive and easy to use. Every end user will be able to understand and use Aasaanwill without any confusion.

  • Preview and Edit

    We have included a preview and edit option for lawyers who will be reviewing and editing the wills, saving their time.

  • User Friendly Interface

    The design implemented simplified UI elements  to nudge the user forward, while improving user engagement.

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