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Just Dunzo it! A personal assistant in your pocket

UI/UX Design

Imagine your in-laws call to inform that they are coming to visit you in two days. From deep cleaning the entire house, to fixing the leaking tap and shopping for groceries you have to manage everything alongside juggling a snarky client who just won’t let you breathe. You have no choice but to take out 15 minutes to hyperventilate in the office loo. That’s it, then chop chop, you’re back to work. This would sound pretty normal in the ordinary world. Not anymore! In the Dunzo world, you can just set up a task to get all these tedious chores done without a second thought.

Dunzo was created to be your personal Alfred (the slick butler from Batman). You can drop a bunch of tasks into it and they will just get done. From buying laptops, repairing spectacles, to shooing away a kit of pigeons from your balcony (yes, you read that correctly), Dunzo can do anything for you. With a machine-learning engine which identifies tasks automatically and proactively suggests next steps, you can be assured that Dunzo is only going to get better with every task.

Sculpting the idea

Dunzo started off as a service built on top of WhatsApp. While early adopters loved the low-friction way to get boring chores done, it was a nightmare for the company to keep track of tasks without custom-built infrastructure. Many of the features they wanted to introduce (lists, geo-tracking, custom payment options etc) weren’t possible on WhatsApp, leading to slow response times, burned-out operators and dipping customer satisfaction metrics.

Dunzo knew that they needed their own app. They approached us in early-2015, and since we were enthusiastic users, we were super excited about being able to shape their journey. We had a lot to figure out.

We worked heavily on creating various task flows. Uploading bills, cross checking final values and re-confirming if the runner is buying the exact product that you asked for by showing pictures were some of the ideas that made it into the final app.

These flows made the app easy to understand and they work effectively with relatively little text needed while creating a task, making the application a hassle free experience for everyone using it.

Dunzo 1

Developing the Visual Language

Just like the idea behind the application, we wanted the interface to stand apart from everything available in the market. The application has a fairly unique, platform-independent look. We played around and created a dark themed palette with pops of color. The dark theme helped make it look subtle and sophisticated (just like the aforementioned butler).

Dunzo 2
The Dunzo colour palette

Cards and Colour

Each task category was assigned a colour so that they can be easily distinguished and to add a little bit of visual spunk. Each of these cards are designed with a title, address and progress bar so you can easily scan a number of them without losing track of your tasks.

Dunzo 3
Types of services/tasks

Dunzo across various Platforms

Dunzo’s UI design instantly stood apart from the rest of the mobile apps in the market. It’s character and brand language that was then expanded into creating their website and marketing materials.

Dunzo on Android

Dunzo 4

…and on iOS.

Dunzo 5

On the Web

Dunzo 6
Dunzo’s homepage


Every so often, along comes a service that completely resets the way we live our everyday lives — and Dunzo has the potential to do so. We’re super excited to continue to work with Dunzo in 2017, to build easier, better and faster ways to help everyone check tasks off their lists.